Team Building FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Team Building at Saddlebrook

Q: I'm concerned about attendees with physical ailments or disabilities. Will they be able to participate safely?

A: Yes. Most of the groups find they can successfully improve communication, build camaraderie, and establish trust without ever leaving the ground. People with physical disabilities are able to fully participate in most of our Tampa team building activities. The program can also be designed to insure no one is left out.

Q: We could really benefit from team building events, but our agenda is very full so we don't have time to use the Executive Challenge Course. Are there activities that can be done quickly?

A: There are several programs that can be completed in 20 to 90 minutes. Build-a-Boat and Build-a-Car can be completed within 60 to 90 minutes depending upon the size of the group. We also can stage team building events in your meeting room or just outside to energize attendees during a break. Another option is to combine a team building event with dinner or a reception. We are extremely flexible. Just tell us what you want to achieve and how much time is available, and we'll make it happen.

Q: We are not interested in team building in the traditional sense. Instead, we'd like to do something different just for fun. Is that possible?

A: Absolutely! We often take groups to the Executive Challenge Course just to build camaraderie and have a good time. Adventurous guests can climb and fly down our zip line just for the fun of it. Or how about a leisurely canoe trip down the local river? Not only are the events fun, but we can add a small dimension of team building so participants leave with new insight that benefits both them and your organization.

Q: Does our group have to be a certain size to do a team building event?

A: No. There are no size restrictions. We've designed programs at the Executive Challenge course for intimate groups as well as for corporate gatherings with over 500 attendees. Families, sports teams, and small businesses have achieved their objectives regardless of size.

Q: What are some of the benefits we can expect as a result of a team building experience?

A: There are many benefits to our Tampa, Florida team building programs, and not just for your organization. The lessons learned can be applied to a family, social organization, church or just about any setting requiring cooperation to achieve a shared goal. Learning to trust your own judgment as well as that of others is invaluable. So is an awareness of the ways we communicate other than through language. Of course when any group comes together and has fun, camaraderie is established as well as confidence. Much depends upon the objectives of the organization. We always begin with discovering your objectives, and then design a program to achieve those goals within your time frame and budget.